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Seafarer Education

Seafarer Education

Maritime Training Centre

Unlock the full potential of your crew with our seafarer education and cook programs. We offer more than training; we provide the keys to a safer, more efficient and fulfilling career in the maritime industry. Through our crew evaluation services and training programs, your team will meet global industry standards, armed with knowledge and skills that propel both personal and professional growth.

We have the capacity to train over 650 trainees across 120 accredited IMO model courses, STCW- and non-STCW certificates, such as:
Officers in Charge of Navigational Watch (IMO Model course 7.03)
Officers in Charge of Engineering Watch (IMO Model course 7.04)
Safety and Security Training
Medical and Health Training
Simulation and Navigation Training
Engine and Technical Training
Operational and Compliance Training
Advanced and Specialized Training
Career and Role-Specific Training
Certification and Compliance Training
Basic and Refresher Training
Corporate Training
Chef / Cook / Steward / Housekeeping Training
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