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Catering Management

Catering Management

Reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Improve your maritime operations with our Catering and Provision Management services, where precision meets passion. Our approach transforms routine supply man-agement and catering into a strategic asset, ensuring your crew's needs are met with care and efficiency. From the meticulous selection of premium goods to our advanced digital platform, every aspect is designed for cost-effectiveness, transparency, and satisfaction.

Budgeting costs per man per day
Strategic purchasing and cost-effective planning
Increased morale and satisfaction with delicious, high-quality food according to multinational dietary preferences
Food safety, hygiene, and nutrition in line with MLC 2006 standards
Serving with trained staff, such as cooks and stewards on board
Advanced dashboard for reporting, forecasting, budget management, and inventory control
Reduced waste and operational costs

AVS Greece offers budget provision services with stock management.

Let AVS Greece tailor solutions that align with your aspirations, delivering more than just a service, but a commitment to excellence at sea.

Reliable Services
Flexible Solutions
Global Network

AVS provides reliable service with its extensive experience and strong relationships in the maritime sector. We aim to always offer our customers quality and reliable solutions.

We offer flexible solutions tailored to the unique needs of each customer. AVS develops customized approaches to meet the demands of our customers.

AVS has a wide-reaching network, servicing over 1,500 ports worldwide. This global network enables us to deliver services to our customers quickly and efficiently.

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